Current Scent List

Below is a complete list of our scents and fragrances. Enjoy!

Antique Spice:  Ever open an old empty spice cupboard and the smell of once used spices still remains? This scent is reminiscent of that. A perfect combination of a multitude of spices

Apple Cellar:  No need to walk down those  old dirty cellar steps with Grandpa just to get a whiff of those fresh, juicy red apples stored away for the winter. Take the lid of this one and you'll be there!

Barnwood & Tobacco:  This is a well blended combination of old warm barn wood with tons of warmth and memories and Paw sitting on his favorite stool in that barn with his legs crossed and holding on to his pipe  with that wonderfully satisfied grin on his face.

Blackberry Vanilla: A combination of black berries and black raspberries with the leaves still on laying next to a few fresh vanilla beans just waiting to be prepared into an after dinner masterpiece. We must not forget momma in her finest apron with her floral musk perfume! Combine gently and voila!

Brown Sugar Bowl:  A FAN FAVORITE.    A warm wonderful combination of warm carmel and maple.  Nothing short of sticking your nose into a simmering pan of butter and brown sugar simmering on the stove in preparation of the warm goodies granny is makin' . 

Buttermilk Creek:  Ok, so as a child I use to stand on a stool and watch my momma roll out homemade buttermilk pie crust. I even went so far as to carry a ball of left over just to smell throughout the day! Well this scent puts me back in that kitchen with momma!

Cabin Fever:  A balsam, cedar wood and spice combination that will surely remind you of walking into a log cabin nestled deep within a remote pine forest, where the wood smoke from a fire still lingers. Want to get away without the drive? Just light this one and you’ll be there. 

Caramel Apple:    A perfect blend of rich warm caramel and juicy red apple.  Takes me back to my "fair" days and the lights and smells of the food vendors!

Cider Mill:  Been on a hayride lately? Or how about searchin’ in the pumpkin patch for the “just right” pumpkin? The perfect ending to a day spent in the cool, crisp air is a hot mug of simmered apples and spices. If you love the drink, you’ll love this scent.

Cinnabun:  Just like it’s name. A bakery fresh iced and buttered cinnamon roll at your fingertips without all the guilt or calories.  Ooey, gooey goodness!

Cinnamon Stick:  Find the freshest cinnamon stick and heat it up a bit and you will still come up short to this strong, hot cinnamon scent. If you’re a cinnamon lover you’ll have to have this one. 

Days Of Olde:  A wonderful combination of all-spice and star anise, and  you'd never guess it had pumpkin in it too! Can't get any more old fashion than this.  Beware:  This scent has a very rich "old" clovie fragrance.

Evening Breeze:  A wonderfully true wild honeysuckle.  The very same smell you catch while sitting on your front porch in the evening on a balmy summer night. 

French Lavender:  This aromatic fragrance is as close as one can come to essential oil of Lavender. As fragrant as fresh lavender plucked from an herb garden and just as earthy. This truly is a very old fashioned scent that goes back centuries.

Frosty's Mug:  Definitely a winter favorite! A steaming mug of Mocha Hot Cocoa and a fresh layer of snow on the ground.  This one will set that scene perfectly.

Granddad's Cookies:  My granddad's favorite cookie was a good ole' fashioned snickerdoodle.  The smell of buttery dough spiced with cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg for extra festive flavor yet subtle enough that everyone will love!

Harvest:  A sweet, yet zesty, juicy orange with a real kick of cayenne pepper! Sound unthinkable but it's a great combination to behold.   Many say it smells "clean". Burn it as your favorite savory orange fragrance or in your bathroom for that unique clean smell.

Hearth and Home: Another very unique "Homey" scent.  A good combination for the holidays, winter or year round.  This scent is loaded with rich fruits like plums, dark cherries and sweet oranges and enhanced with peppery woody undertones and splashes of sandalwood and eucalyptus.  Men are partical to this one at the Holidays.

Hotcakes and Berries:  Remember the days when everyone gathered around the breakfast table for a huge platter of steaming hotcakes with melted butter and topped with fresh juicy berries. Relive those days with this very memorable scent. 

Jade & Juniper:


Kindred Spirits:  An orange citrus mixed with spices and topped with ripe cranberries. A perfect gift to give an "old friend" or a "kindred spirit". 

Lavender & Lemons:  The perfect balance of earthy, fragrant lavender and fresh squeezed lemons.  This is definitely a favorite among the herb lovers.

Lemon Curd: A FAN FAVORITE.   No, we aren't cleaning with this scent! It's a fresh, wonderful lemon filling piled sky high in a fresh buttery crust and topped with a golden meringue and sitting in the open window to cool. Got your forks ready?  A summer favorite for sure.

Nutty Pumpkin Butter:


Olde Homestead:  A rich dark aroma, like that of yesteryear. Image the aroma of a fresh, warm mincemeat pie cooling on the hearth of the most humble cottages of old. A rich brown, almost black color like that of mincemeat.

Orange Clove:  Remember the pomanders that gave such a warm, aromatic scent to the closets and cupboards of old? Refresh those memories with this wonderfully “old” fragrance. Rusty brown is the outcome of combining orange and the brown of cloves.

Pineapple Cilantro:  Take the fruits of the Caribbean and twist it with a bit of Spanish flare for an unusual combination that will blend like a sweet, savory cocktail.   A truly refreshing scent for all seasons.

Pomegranate:  An often rarely thought of  winter fruit that carries an amazing sweet yet tart punch.  Said to symbolize prosperity and good fortune, guest will smell the richness walking into your home when this is lit.

Primitive Gatherings:  A wonderful combination of fruit juices and spices are kettled together to offer a warming sense of welcome.  This fragrance is reminescent of a punch bowl of "wassail".

Pumpkin Spice:  Oh fresh baked pumpkin pie, what memories it brings of holidays gone by. What a mouth-watering aroma to have wafting through your home. Loaded with Cinnamon and topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Sleigh Ride:  After a cold winter’s eve ride in an open sleigh enjoy a hot steaming mug of apple juice tainted with just the right amount of spices and stirred with a cinnamon stick.

Southern Home:  This scent reminds us of the plantation homes filled with all that's warm and welcoming wafting from the kitchen. A bit of ground nut. mild spice and a splash of honey. Bring in the southern hospitality!

Spiced Cranberry:  Take fresh cranberries and stir in a bit of spice and you’ll have a wonderful, not-too-sweet, olde time favorite.

Stockings and Fir:  A FAN FAVORITE. The perfect blend of all the smells of the holidays. From the goodies you'll find in a child's stocking, to the tree dressed in its' holiday finery.  A very memorable scent indeed!

Sugar Pumpkins:  A FAN FAVORITE.   Warm ginger AND nutmeg added to pumpkin is like no other. Though this is the perfect scent for those cool fall evenings, we sell this scent all year through.

Toasted Pecans:


Vintage Linen:  Freshly laundered white cotton sheets, blowing in the breeze as they are hung to dry and the children play nearby is the vision recalled when this scent is uncapped. 

Winter Wilderness: A FAN FAVORITE. Imagine yourself standing among the tall, stately pines of a Canadian forest. The pungent scent of pine is in the air and the crisp dry needles are underfoot. Simply light this candle and you're there.